AMA Recap Cryptoscreen with Nafty Token

On 7 July 2021, Nafty Token conducted an AMA in the Cryptoscreen Community. Our guest is Franz Fischbach  and George Nafty-CMO of Nafty Token.

Lots of questions as usual from the Community about Nafty Token progress. The Nafty Token team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Cryptoscreen community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into Nafty Token.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation.


Syaiful :
Okey, Before I start the first session can you introduce yourself to our community?

George Nafty-CMO :
Sure! My name is Georgi Dimitrov and I am the chief marketing officer for nafty. I have years of experience in marketing and specifically in the adult industry. I have connections with well know content creators and I am happy to take lead on the marketing for the project

Franz Fischbach :
My name is Franz Fischbach and I have been working with George on all the projects since the beginning, I have years of experience as a programmer and my specialty is in automation. I am responsible for the technical aspects of our projects.

Syaiful :
Q1. Can you tell the members a little about Nafty Token?

George Nafty-CMO :
Nafty is a crypto based token specifically designed to be used in the adult industry. Nafty is a decentralized NSFW ecosystem that empowers content creators using blockchain. It removes intermediaries and offers low-cost payment solutions and marketing tools to help creators build a fanbase. NAFTY is the governance token across the ecosystem.

Users can use the NAFTY token on platforms across the Nafty ecosystem to pay for content and services. Nafty has already launched four adult content platforms – NaftyFans , NaftyPay, Nafty TV and NaftyArt

In addition, the token will be integrated on major adult websites to enable payment processing using nafty. This solves a lot of issues for businesses and content creators such as, high transaction fees, chargebacks, waiting for funds to be received etc.

Nafty has partnered with well-known adult stars to make their exclusive 18+ content available on its platforms. By removing the middlemen and dramatically reducing the payment processing fees, Nafty enables adult content creators to earn more, and content consumers to pay less.

Token holders will earn a passive income from transaction fees charged across the Nafty ecosystem. They can also use it for tipping the adult creators, buying NFTs and paying for subscriptions to Nafty TV

Since NAFTY is a governance token, the token holders can also participate in the governance matters to influence the roadmap of the Nafty ecosystem.

Nafty has a 4% fee on all transactions. It distributes the transaction fee as rewards to the current token holders in proportion to their holdings.

Another 4% fee is locked in the liquidity pool to reduce supply. Nafty spends the profits generated on its platforms to buy back and burn the LP tokens to increase the token value. An additional 2% will be eliminated from circulation in order to increase the value of the token for all holders.

This is our vision 😈

Syaiful :
Q2. What do you think are the main features that differentiate Nafty Token from other projects?

George Nafty-CMO :
What differentiates us from the other Adult Tokens is a Real doxed team with expertise in the adult industy

all other token projects dont have anyone behind them or the people who run them have ZERO experience in the industry

we have more than 25 real people working on the project and we deliver real results

in comparison to other project we have actual platforms launched and you can check them

they are working! We dont only give promises but we deliver

In addition we are doing a solution to real problems.

Our ambassadors who will be announced after launch are the most famous adult starts in the industry

We are doing our re-launch in less than 3 hours. And we will have a full list of ambassadors

we will be listed on CEX such as Bitmart and Cointiger

Franz Fischbach :
Another thing that differentiates us from other projects is that we give third party sites the means to take advantage of our know how and a way to join the nafty ecosystem.
This will be done using Nafty pay which is a payment solution that will work with only 4% transaction fees. The adult industry is classified as a “high risk” business so all payment providers take crazy fees, usually 15-30% like verotel for example. This makes nafty pay a very attractive payment solution for third party sites who will be able to integrate nafty pay into their payment proccess.

Syaiful ;
Q3. Why do you think your team can make Nafty Token succeed?

George Nafty-CMO :
We have years of experience in the industry and connections with the best content creators. In addition, we have competitive advantage with the development team that we have building the whole ecosystem

one of the team members made the biggest porn crowdfunding in history and have connection with all the industry.

We are owners of adult websites and we know how to manage the whole process, from production to marketing

We have team mange over 200 models onlyfans so we know exactly what we need make it better

we are doing weekly AMA’s with the community and we value their feedback and always stop on top of the game 🙂

Franz Fischbach :
We are a well-seasoned team that has been working on our platforms for years now, after years of developing, testing and content creation we are confident we are on the right path. Our projects are quite profitable on their own and nafty is here to make things even better.

Syaiful :
Q4. What are your ambitions for the future?

George Nafty-CMO :

our ambition is to build this ecosystem and integrate naftypay with the biggest adult websites already operating in the inudstry

We will make partnerships with as many adult stars as possible and we will increase the demand for the token enabling people to purcahse content from the creators and tip them to get their attention
this is an example of a marketing plan that we setup for the token. Now it has been changed a bit due to the re-launch but you can get a feeling on what we are doing

Syaiful :
Q5. What is your progress on your roadmap till now? And what is your future plan in 2021?

George Nafty-CMO :
We have already released Nafty TV and accepting Nafty Payments which is by far our biggest achievement. All other adult tokens are no where near to the technology we have and we are just getting started

We are already on cointiger and later today on Bitmart

our last launch reached 20m market cap within 1 day. This time we are going for at least 50-100m

By the end of the month we will be officialy launching our platforms NaftyArt – NFT marketplace for adult creators and NaftyFans – Onlyfans on blockchain

we will continue with signing up ambassadors and working with big names in the industry

you can see our full roadmap on naftytoken official website /roadmap

Franz Fischbach :
And there are many more platforms in development that are yet to be announced


Syaiful :
Q1.So far have you had any partnerships with adult content artists and models or their management? if so, can you name one of them?

George Nafty-CMO :
yes we have hundreds 🙂 they will be announced shortly but of course i can give you a few examples

Eva Elfie

Luxury Girl

Mila Azul

Nancy Ace


and many more to be announced

we will have content creators from both Europe and USA

we will also expand to Asia and South America

Syaiful :
Q2.I read NAFTY wants to change the adult industry, but if I’m honest with you, I see NAFTY as another content platform like OnlyFans, so, what different features are on NAFTY that will help you on your goal of changing this industry? What will you offer that others can’t offer?

George Nafty-CMO :
We are not just another platforms like onlyfans. We are community led , utility token. We are building a decentralised ecosystem that will solve MAJOR problems in the adult industry

let me give you a few examples

Middle man – the producers, agencies and platforms (like OnlyFans) take a huge % from the creators. Our token solution and platforms will cut those – middlemen fees and give the creator more incentive to produce content.

Payment solutions – since the majority of payment solutions ban the adult industry, where others use this weakness to charge the creators huge fees, we will cut those fees by using blockchain technology and our token.

Marketing – while major social media sites and traffic sources ban adult content and promotions, we provide creators the ability to promote themselves and grow their fan base by shoutout management inside the platform (between the creators) and affiliate programs to attract traffic and fans from other external sources.

Copyrights: Adult creators and Artists don’t have copyright to their work and are not receiving royalties from others that are using it

this is what distinguished us from all other platforms on the market. We know the disadvantages because we have been working on these platforms for the last few years and we are building something better for content creators who are also our clients.

Franz Fischbach :
In addition to that paying or receiving funds using nafty has some interesting implications bot for the content creators and for the end users.

From the end users perspective the way nafty works incentivizes them to buy nafty in bulk because as the price of nafty increases they will get more content for their money.
From the perspective of a content creator holding nafty will effectively give them passive income because of the percentage that is redistributed back to each holder and this is a big selling point of them

Syaiful :
Q3.Before a project is born, lots of brain storming activities to get a befitting name for the project must have taken place. Any significant reason for choosing the project name “NAFTY”? and what reflection and significance does this name bring to your project?

Franz Fischbach :
Yes, a lot of thought has been put into choosing the name for our token.
Nafty is a “family friendly” name that can be marketed freely in many platforms where more explicit wording might be a problem like facebook, instagram or even national televison.

Syaiful :
Q4.Do you have any ongoing or upcoming reward programme events? If so, please provide details. Do you also have an ambassador programme? Many communities host events in order to attract more people. It is also crucial in attracting investors.

Franz Fischbach :
Some reward programs are being discussed with the community right now and are soon to be announced but as we mentioned before, by holding nafty you get a percentage of each end every transaction. This by itself acts like a reward program for using or investing in nafty.

We currently negotiate partnership with a lot of potential ambassadors and we have already closed the deal with 50+ of the most famous and influential names in the industry some of which are:
Eva Elfie, Liya Silver, Luxury Girl, Mila Azul, Little Dragon and many more!

Syaiful :
Q5.How do you deal with potential problems with the coin price dropping far from the listing price,? Can you convince us users that you have sufficient marketing power and capital to push this project to the top? Please explain in detail

George Nafty-CMO :
This is our marketing plan

today at launch you will see our marketing power 🙂

our projects and companies are profitable and we will make this into a huge success

of course we know that there will be a lot of trading of the token which will cause price fluctuations, however in the long run we believe that when end users start using the token to make payments for token we will be absolutely succesfull


Q1. How To Participate $NAFTY Token Sale ?

What are the requirements for being able join $NAFTY Token sale?

George Nafty-CMO :

We are launching at 4PM UTC. YOu can participate in the sale on Pancake Swap . There are no requirements . Anyone can participate and buy Nafty token

Q2. 🌕🦋-Can you list 1-2 killer features, of this project, that makes it ahead of its competitors????
-What is the competitive, advantage, your project has that you feel most confident about???????

Franz Fischbach :

The biggest “killer feature” we have is Nafty pay

Nafty pay is a payment solution that will work with only 4% transaction fees. The adult industry is classified as a “high risk” business so all payment providers take crazy fees, usually 15-30% like verotel for example. This makes nafty pay a very attractive payment solution for third party sites who will be able to integrate nafty pay into their payment proccess.

From an investors point of view this means that every 3-rd party site that implements Nafty Pay as their payment solution will bring dividends, incentivizing not only investors to hold but to also invest more and more into the projects so that they can gain more from refelections.

Q3. NFT is getting more popular now a days. It looks NFT has bright future. So do you guies have any plan to include NFT to your project!!??
Thank You Sir, ❤️Hello Sir,
NFT is getting more popular now a days. It looks NFT has bright future. So do you guies have any plan to include NFT to your project!!??
Thank You Sir, ❤️

George Nafty-CMO :

Yes of course, Naftyart is an integral part of the project. We will have the best adult creators on there where you can buy NFT’s from

Q4. Communities is very important in order to makes impact on more addoption. How many communities do you have now ? What kinds of support Nafty Token wants from the community?

George Nafty-CMO :

We have a very active and engaged community. They are part of all our decision making. We have community council and we have votes for what we are about to to. For example, for the re-launch the recommendation was made by us but the final word was that of the community.

Q5. Security is the most important thing to consider want starting up a project, how secured is this project for users and investors?⭕️

George Nafty-CMO :

we have developed the contract together with a company specialized in token development and have contracted an external auditor, one of the leaders in the field, to ensure the validity of the specifics in the contract. Furthermore, we are being transparent with the decision making and the thought process with the community, as well as providing our names and credentials to ensure more trust in our project.




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