AMA Recap Cryptoscreen With DoorCoin

On 18 July 2021, DoorCoin conducted an AMA in the Cryptoscreen Community. Our guest is Pacho Crypto and David Daly of DoorCoin.

Lots of questions as usual from the Community about DoorCoin progress. The DoorCoin team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Cryptoscreen community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into DoorCoin.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation.


Pacho Crypto :
I want to intoduce @davidjohndaly and myself. We are founders of DOOR Coin, and excited to share with your our vision

Syaiful :
Q1. Can you tell the members a little about DoorCoin?

Pacho Crypto :
DOOR Coin is the first business powered by crypto. We believe it’s a new category of cryptocurrency, and we are one of the first to embrace the idea of building utility on the blockchain that replaces the middle-men of “Big Ad Tech” (Zillow, HomeAdvisor, AngiesList, Facebook, etc)

Our vision is simple: We reward Consumers for their data – where they make the money, not the middlemen.

There is 500B spent on online ads every year and it’s growing rapidly, but it’s a broken model – because these ad tech companies need Consumer Data to sell, and Consumers are not making any money for the use of their data.

Syaiful :
Q2. Can you explain how DoorCoin and what kind of services it offers to users?

Pacho Crypto :
We reward consumers for their data. They make the money, not Google, Facebook, Zillow, HomeAdvisor.

We do this via our App.

They register properties and are rewarded with DOOR. And they continue to be rewarded as businesses access their opt-in data.

On the business side, via the app – Businesses buy opt-in leads get better leads direct from consumer asking to be contacted about a product or service.

Our DNA is a rewards based system, and this is what we have built in our platform.

David Daly :
Eliminating the “Big Ad Tech” middleman and allowing consumers to own and monetize their own data is our mission with the DOOR Platform.

Pacho Crypto :
Consumers “opt-in” for products and services they want/need. This is how it works.

Syaiful :
Q3. What products does DoorCoin have and in the future, will you add more products?

Pacho Crypto :
We currently have a lead exchange platform MyDoorWallet. Consumers can sign up, register their property and earn DOOR. Businesses can sign up, deposit DOOR and buy opt-in leads.

In the future, we are adding Staking along with many other programs to reward DOOR Holders.

We are working on our mobile apps to expand our rewards system beyond home services.

Obviously, our goal is to replace how Consumers and Businesses connect – so our product roadmap will continue add functionality to replace today’s “View, Click, Form-fill” experience. And make it easy, rewarding and fun.

Syaiful :
Q4. How do you solve liquidity issues and how to ensure user asset security?

Pacho Crypto :
DOOR is built on the foundation of HOLDERS. Not only do we reward HOLDERS, we attract them. The first critical decision was to stake Founder tokens for the first year. There are only 24M tokes in circulation.

The second, is to ensure we have a robust Liquidity Pool. Today our LP is over 10% of our circulating token valuation. That is very healthy and robust.

The third is we reward DOOR Holders to HOLD. It is in our mission to build a community who understands the vision and business. Our motto literally is “HOLD THE DOOR”….

We do have plans to enter a Top 10 exchange when we are ready, which will allow even more liquidity and grow the number of holders.

Syaiful :
Q5. Have you met all your goals in the roadmap till now? And were there any difficulties that you didn’t expect and were not prepared for?

Pacho Crypto :
Our goals were simple 1) Grow a strong community 2) Launch a Product that works and 3) Communicate a clear vision on being a business powered by crypto.

We launched on July 4th (14 days ago) and we are very excited about the progress we have made.

We have 483 holders on Ethereaum Wallets and 500+ wallets on MyDoorWallet

We have grown our LP to over 3M

We have had over 1000+ properties added to our Lead Exchange

We have already rewarded over 500,000 DOOR to Consumers.

We have built a very strong and active community on Telegram.

The challenges are very clear now:

We need to execute the business. We currently have an active sales team selling businesses on our lead exchange. We generated 250+ business leads in the last week alone.

The true value of DOOR is in the business.

David Daly :
The main challenge for us now is working diligently to meet the demands of the market and growing user base. We exceeded our initial 1 year projections in less than two weeks.

Pacho Crypto :
The response has been amazing. I think people understand that DOOR is different. It has a clear utility.

Most people don’t understand the utility of most cryptocurrencies

DOOR is different. People “get it”


Syaiful :
Q1.Partnership is one of important thing if a project want grow and spread fast. Which project already doing partnership with DoorCoin? where can I join your community? and what are my benefits if I join DoorCoin?

Pacho Crypto :
Our core community is on Telegram.

The founders are active, and will answer any questions and post updates on the business.

We are also obviously on Twitter, IG, etc

Our partners today are companies helping us communicate the vision to the community.

We hired a top crypto PR firm (Coinbound)

We have launched ad campaigns with Bitcoinist, to help communicate to the global community the power of DOOR.

We are working hard on getting video reviews (recently one by AltCoin Buzz went live)

Of course, on the Business side – we are doing business development to attract National Brands in the home services/products market – which we will be announcing later this month the first big national company to join DOOR.

David Daly :
The benefit of joining our community is transparency and communication from the founder team. We feel that we offer a clear advantage with how we communicate to our community. The feedback in regards this has been overwhelmingly positive.

Syaiful :
Q2.Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and Investor to Your platform and keep them long term?

Pacho Crypto :
The number one rule in marketing is “have a product peoplle want”.

If your product is lame, no amount of marketing will make it work.

We believe we are offering value to both consumers and businesses.

Consumers get paid.

Businesses get opt-in verified leads.

David Daly :
Our business model rewards both sides and is a win-win

Pacho Crypto :
Because of this dynamic (our reward system) we expect and are experiencing rapid “word of mouth” – which for any business is the golden ticket for marketing.

But, we are also investing in ads to spread the word and build our brand.

So in summary, we attract users through rewards (money).

We attract investors in building a crypto built on a business.

David Daly :
We have a strategic marketing plan that focuses on onboarding both users and businesses in target MSAs so that we can assure a geo match for property requests and service providers to meet those demands.

Syaiful :
Q3.What kind of community values and culture do you have in the community you are building? are you an experienced team and developer? who are your best customers?@jherghejhi

Pacho Crypto :
As our community would say “There is only one rule: HOLD THE DOOR”

Pacho Crypto :
We are building a community of HOLDERS.

We reward HOLDERS.

Last friday we hosted a FOUNDER FRIDAY where we rewarded anyone willing to hold the door and bought door – we would match their purchase.

We gave away over 500,000 DOOR

We will continue doing so

Pacho Crypto, [18.07.21 06:39] We want to make sure everyone understands the vision of our business (not just our market cap or price). This is a bigger vision than most other cryptos.

We want everyone to win, and we win by HOLDING.

David Daly :
Our best customers are businesses that buy and hold Door to get leads. These businesses make larger purchases to lock in their lead price and these tokens never hit the market, thus decreasing the supply.

Pacho Crypto :
The idea of HOLD is baked into our business model. The combination of REWARDING Holders and businesses HOLDING to buy leads is the key growth driver.

Syaiful :
Q4.1.Expanding partnerships Globally
2.Expanding community
3.Increase token price

From 3 aspects above,. I want to ask,. Which one the most important for you??
If all above are important for you,. Which one that Will you do first?

Pacho Crypto ;
Community is #1.

Without a strong community, we can’t build a foundation for growth.

The Token Price is what most people look at (because most crypto projects that is all they have to offer).

We are one of the few tokens with a (business) plan that goes beyond price. We offer value. And value will support and drive the price as the business grows.

If a token simply focuses on “price” it will fail. There needs to be a key ingredient that drives DEMAND. Our product is lead generation.

Businesses will always want to buy leads. Consumers will always want to be paid. DOOR’s value will increase expodentially as our network grows.

David Daly :
Hitting on all of these targets is a self fulfilling prophesy in terms of growth and price

Syaiful, [18.07.21 06:45] Q5.Today many users are committing fraud in order to get profit and gifts, so how do you verify that the data provided by the user is real verified information informasi?

Pacho Crypto :
Every user is required to upload verification.

Not only verifying phone and email, but identification if they are earning rewards.

We verify identity and property information.

(ID, utility bills, leases, etc)

We have a support team that onboards new users every day.

David Daly :
Our platform has a built in rating system that allows both users and businesses to hold each other accountable. (like an Uber rating) Users that try and abuse the platform get removed. Our focus in on quality on both sides of the equation.

Pacho Crypto :
DOOR isn’t about giving “gifts” or “air drops” – we reward Consumers for joining the network, HOLDING and building the value of our network.


Q1. what are the ways that #door_coin generates profits/revenue to maintain #door_coin project and what is its revenue model ? How can it make benefit
win-win to both invester and #door_coin?

Pacho Crypto:

For everytime a business buys data on DOOR, the consumer gets 80% and 20% goes into supporting the operatiions and marketing of the DOOR platform. Revenue will be a primary driver of buying DOOR in the future. Businesses will be required to buy DOOR for leads and this revenue will benefit consumers and the overall growth of DOOR.

Q2. I want to have a LONG TERM INVESTMENT with this PROJECT, but I’m in doubts right now, how can you convince and assure me this project is SAFE and PROFITABLE?

David Daly :

Doorcoin is the only token with a clear utility outside of being a crypto. We are disrupting a $500b market by cutting out the middle man (big tech/data) by rewarding people and allowing businesses a better way to offer their services. Our team is experienced in growing and scaling tech, data and SaaS businesses

Q3. On moving forward through your roadmap, What are your most important next priorities/Milestone? Does Your Project have enough fundamental (Funds, Community, ect) to achieve those milestones?

Pacho Crypto :

The roadmap ahead is focused on 3 primary goals in next 90 days – 1) Grow our community of HOLDERS to 5,000+ 2) Grow our business to 500+ Businesses 3) Prepare to go on major exchange (top 10)

DOOR is on uniswap only today. (for those asking about where to buy DOOR)

Q4. Where do I get information about DoorCoin team? Why do you prefer to be anonymous? Do you have a plan to identify DoorCoin team later?

David Daly :
The doorcoin team is available on doorcoin dot org forward slash team or by selecting team in the navigation bar. All of our linkedin profiles are available there as well. We are public.

Pacho Crypto :
If anyone would like to continue to learn more – please join our Telegram as well, we will be online after this.

Q5. Almost 3/4 of investors are focused purely on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

Pacho Daly :

We are the first token built on a business. Lead Generation is a 500B industry we plan on distrupting.




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