AMA Recap Cryptoscreen with Clout art

On 03 June 2021, Clout art conducted an AMA in the Cryptoscreen Community. Our guest is Jure Z ⛓🚀 of Clout art.


Lots of questions as usual from the Community about progress. The team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Cryptoscreen community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into


Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation.



Q1. Can you tell the members a little about

Jure Z ⛓🚀:
Would love to! is a monetization platform that takes your existing social media posts and turns them into unique NFTs.

We do that through a special process where we look at all the important data of a post and then turn it into a relative score that helps collectors determine their value.

We’re starting with Instagram and then moving to TikTok, Twitter and others. But our main goal is to enable content monetization through NFTs, on top of which we’re actually building a whole creator’s economy throught our token $PROPS.

Inol Granero :
Q2. Can you explain how works?

Jure Z ⛓🚀:
Yes! allows creators to mint NFTs from their social media posts. Starting with Instagram, to do that, they must first connect their IG profile and verify it.
Once that is done they can simply pick one of their posts and copy/paste it in our platform. At that point the platform will fetch the data and store it.
But before minting can be done, one more condition has to be met: the original post needs to be deleted

We believe in the law of transfer of value and as long as the original still exists, the NFT can’t have all the value and clout appended to it. Once the original is deleted, this is now possible.

Inol Granero :
Q3. What is the roadmap for the project?

Jure Z ⛓🚀:
Current roadmap focuses on empowering creators as soon as possible. We are planning to do an token sale on one of the bigger launchpads (to be announced) by end of June.

Then immediately in July we plan to launch the final product for creators and start helping them monetize their content.

In August we will expand our product with all the staking and creator pool functionalities that reward all the participants of the ecosystem.

Really exciting couple months ahead of us 😊

Inol Granero :
Q4. How are NFTs playing an important role in your project?

Jure Z ⛓🚀:
NFTs are playing two imporatant roles.
1) They are the monetization enablers for content creators. They allow influencers and creators to sell some of their content and make additional revenue.

2) They are the underlying asset for the creator economy ecosystem we’re building. A portion of earnings from every sale will go directly into the creator’s pools, incentivising the community to support the creator and making a win win event for everyone involved

This basically was not possible before the NFTs, so it’s great we can now offer that 👍

Inol Granero :
Q5. How is helping and supporting creators?

Jure Z ⛓🚀:
First and foremost, we want to give them a tool that will allow them to make better use of their content.

On Instagram, for example, over 90 million posts are made everyday, and the most what people get to see from that fades away in 48h. Instead of leaving that content to fade away, we want to empower the creator to sell that and mint it as an NFT that maintains the value of all the clout. Only that way can it be sold for a fair price.

So we’re not a social media platform. There’s enough of those already. But we believe strongly that we can help social media people make more money and generate more value from their communities and fans… by turning their clout into art.


Inol Granero :
Q1. 🌻There are many people who copy content from other creators, so how do they plan to act to verify that the posts and content are from original sources? What actions can Cout art take in this case?

Jure Z ⛓🚀:
Great question, thanks! Our goal is to create a very strict verification process that will ensure only creators who have a decent following and have published their content on other platforms before, are now able to do that via as well.
But ultimately we are a service provider that offers tools for people to do that. Only the posts that exist in the verified profile can be minted.

Of course, we can’t prevent all the cases, so for that, we will have a special addition to the ERC-721 standard that will enable us to deactivate an NFT even if it’s out there already. This NFT will no longer be tradeable and marked as fraud on our marketplace.

Inol Granero :
Q2. 🐳As I know you’re currently working with Instagram. But is there a plan to include other social medias platform to monetize content? Platforms like youtube, tiktok, facebook?

Jure Z ⛓🚀:
Absolutely! We’re starting with Instagram because it is the most visual platform. Obviously, we wish to grow to multiple platform later as we want to become platform-agnostic. Any social media content should have a unified and easy plugin to become an NFT and be sold on markets.

Inol Granero :
Q3. ☘️At your roadmap I saw you plan to work with influencers and agencies to take the product to a mass market. How can interested influencers contact the team? Can content creators from other fields like illustration support it too?

Jure Z ⛓🚀:
Apologies, we had some tech issues. Yes, that is the case we want to proceed. We believe we can build a community of influencers where we become their favororite social media-add on.

Obviously we need to have an easy onboarding, but we will also reward the first signups with free PROPS inside their creator pools 👍

Inol Granero :
Q4. Why do users have to delete their orgininal Instagram post in order to create an NFT from it on Clout art?

Jure Z ⛓🚀:
Great Q! It has to do with the way value is transferred over from one to the other platform. By theory if you were to fork Bitcoin multiple times, you would end up with a bunch of chains with less value than the orginal.

It’s the same with digital content of any type. By deleting the original we’re making sure the value is completely transferred into an NFT.

Inol Granero :
Q5. Your mission is to start converting Instagram posts and then migrate to other social networks, but do you have the goal of incorporating into your ecosystem a feature that allows interaction between users through messages or “likes”?

Jure Z ⛓🚀:
Wow, this is a great question! We actually have a philosophy that staking is the new following — so a way to support your creator is to stake wiht him instead of pushing a button where likes are summed up for everyone to see.

Crypto enables an ecosystem where this is possible, and we want to build creator communities around amazing content. So we have a good idea around upgrading these features to make them more useful for everyone on boar


Q1. Can you list 1-2 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Jure Z ⛓🚀:

This one is a must. Our number one killer feature is that we’re not trying to build a new social network. Everyone seems to be doing this, we want to help creators on existing social networks monetize their content.

It’s not likely to see whole communities just transition from Instagram and TikTok to some novel platform. So we believe they will stay and we want to make sure the creators get empowered with their current fanbase.

Q2. Does the content that is uploaded to Clout art have to go through some kind of review first to be published?

Jure Z ⛓🚀:

No, as long as the content exists first on a social media account and has not been flagged, it is ok to be minted through

Q3. What strategy will you implement to bring non-crypto-natives into your ecosystem? How do you keep a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of your token?

Jure Z ⛓🚀:

This is a great question. We are building a product primarily for non crypto natives. That’s why we will also launch a separate token and yield managment dapp called XPORTAL. You can read more about it in the whitepaper, but in short, it allows crypto savvy people to make the most out of their token from the whole ecosystem.

The value of the token is built into the ecosystem and its growth, but it’s not used as a barrier of entry for any creators that want to use the platform.

Q4. Binance smart Chain blockchain is having high transaction speed and cheap gas fees, Are you planning to launch your mainet or switch to other blockchains in the future?

Jure Z ⛓🚀:

Yes that is exactly why we are using BSC. We believe strongly in what BSC has to offer to product builders as well as the community. The tx fees are super small with BSC and the NFT marketplace is just waking up with Binance… so really exciting times, actually!

Q5. Today on how many social media platforms are you going to rock, how and where and can I join you???

Jure Z ⛓🚀:

Like mentioned above, we start with Instagram. The easiest way to join us as a creator is on this form

We have a selection process for the first creators to join the platform, but are happy to look at anyone who thinks the platform could help him monetize his social media content.

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