AMA Recap Cryptoscreen With Blin Metaverse

On 10 August 2021, Blin Metaverse conducted an AMA in the Cryptoscreen Community. Our guest is the John McCarthy of Blin Metaverse.

Lots of questions as usual from the Community about Blin Metaverse progress. The Blin Metaverse team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Cryptoscreen community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into Blin Metaverse.

Let鈥檚 take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation.


Syaiful :
Okay, Before I start the first session can you introduce yourself to our community?

John McCarthy :
yes and before i start, please everybody make sure to join our TG group

because we have a surprise at the end of the ama Session, so make sure to join!

Syaiful :

Don’t Forget To Join Guys

John McCarthy :
Hi, I’m John McCarthy from Germany,
I’m the CMO of Blin Metaverse and a global contributor to Blin Metaverse鈥檚 international community growth.

Personally I work in the crypto space since 2017 and I have more then 10 years experience in marketing and management.
I believe in the growth and adoption of future technology, that’s when I came around Blin Metaverse, a unique project, with an extraordinary futuristic vision.

so my motto is: The Future is (made) now

Syaiful :
Nice background

thanks for the introduction,
Your experince will certainly motivate us in the future馃槉

Okay, In the first session I will give questions about Blin Metaverse , if you have given an answer please say “Done”

John McCarthy :
let the questions begin 馃檪

Syaiful :
Let’s start first Session

Q1. First of all, please briefly introduce yourself and the Blin Metaverse. What expectations does the team have on the project?

John McCarthy :
Blin Metaverse is a decentralized, integrated NFT infrastructure based on the coin-security smart chain BSC.

Our Partner GAME CONTINENT, is an internationally renowned gaming company, and one of our key sponsors, they have pioneered the creation of a chain-game equipment trading platform, to realize the real value and rights of game assets.

This preemptive layout of the Metaverse demonstrate once again our unique strategic vision. GAME CONTINENT develops a unique game equipment trading platform.

Syaiful :
Q2.what do you think about the current market situation and the role of your project, the meta-universe and with-it the NFT development ? Whats your future vision?

John McCarthy :
In today’s market downwards trend, the combination of the metacosm and the NFT remains highly demanded. The curiosity and popularity of the metacosm is not less than the market’s focus on blockchain and Token in 2017.
Unlike in the past, the metacosm may be the direction of consensus outside a few circles, the metascopic is not proposed by NFT or blockchain practitioners, this year’s is still trendy for crypto. we are going bullish again :))

The company Tencent proposed the all-truth Internet and other digital twins are also developing the metacosm.
The well-known VC Matthew Ball has tried to explain what the metacosm really means: in the metacosm, there will be a real-time world that is always online, with an unlimited number of people involved at the same time.
It will have a fully functioning economy, combining the physical and digital worlds.

Providing unprecedented interoperability, data, digital goods, content, and IP鈥檚 can work in the metacosmics and many companies will create content, stores, and experiences to make it more prosperous, and the metasus will not be run by a single company, but by many different stakeholders in a decentralized manner.

The vision of Blin Metaverse is to become a true metasmic infrastructure, and when the protocol gets online, any user and industry developer will be able to expand the Blin Metaverse ecosystem by becoming an Eco-builder in it.

They will be able to build a strong community consensus through modular incentives, to perfection the practice for the next generation with innovative block-chains that are empowering NFT-DeFi-Shares in the Internet industry.

The Blin Metaverse Open Network will be the first pan-traffic platform to combine social elements with Defi innovation to empower custom benefits NFT to consolidate private domain traffic.

Its an absolutely innovative concept, which most likely will shape the future of this world!!

Syaiful :
Q3.How to obtain NFT鈥檚 and participate in the project, how will users get benefits?

John McCarthy :
There are many forms of access to NFT, such as participating in our community activities, completing our contribution to the community, getting airdrops of NFT blind boxes, opening blind boxes, and getting rare NFT cards, and buying NFT cards through Blin Mteaverse’s official website. this is the first hint for todays surprise 馃槈

After obtaining the card, you can transfer the rights and interests through the NFT Store auction, and you can also obtain Blin by pledging NFT鈥檚.

In addition, users can also obtain Blin income through the pledge of mainstream assets and Blin-USDT Liquidity Pool.

Syaiful :
Q4.Why is the project placed on the BSC? What are the competitive advantages of the Blin Metaverse ?

John McCarthy :
Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a decentralized public chain that enables smart contract compatibility on the basis of supporting high-performance transactions, greatly reducing the high fees and congestion thresholds for users to participate in DeFi on Ethereum, making it easy and user-friendly for both developers and users, so we chose to start on BSC and will soon complete version 2.0 deployment at ETH, FLOW, OEC.

Compared to traditional NFT projects, our strengths are as follows:

路 Social apps that match virtual social relationships. We use NFT鈥檚 as a cut entry to create web 3.0-based native NFT social applications. We make it possible to enable NFT creators to create new patterns of behavior and generate new economic models through products and socialization’s.

路 Our activity organization tools in Metaverse:
By segmenting products, various IP groups can efficiently organize their activities and generate value. They can realize the organization, payment, statistical ranking and the live broadcast of the entire process.

路We created a protocol that helps creators interact with the community.

路 The achievement protocol on the chain. Give more reasonable value to chain behavior. Enable users to gain more value rights through chain contributions.

路 Interactive and immersive experiences. The problem of the interaction of the virtual world is particularly important in the “metacosm” world, which will directly affect the user’s immersion experience, and only when the spiritual world is completely immersed, then our brains will have a sense of reality, which is more in line with the “metacosm” world that everyone wants.

Syaiful :
This is the last question in segment 1

Q5.What applications do you plan to develop in the future within the Metaverse ?

John McCarthy :
Our vision about the future of the metacosm can be condensed into a formula, named Metaverse (metacosm) :

Create (Creative)
Play (Entertainment)
Display (Show)
Social (Social)
Trade (Trading)

These are the ultimate goals that our products will achieve

, because of the current homogenization, fragmentation, siloing of all kinds of NFT Dapp, we build an NFT full-scene application ecosystem covering encrypted games, digital art, collectibles, virtual worlds, sports, physical asset digitization, etc., and will build a common developer agreement around infrastructure including DEX, NFT Store, liquidity work certificate, general certification incentive template, etc. To assist eco-developers to participate in ecological construction, and to explore with users the true meaning of the multi-element NFT metacosmic world, so that the metacosm and NFTFi can achieve true integration, to create a reality and meta-cosmic collider-level applications.

I know its a very complicated concept. It’s because of our futuristic Vision. But if you truly understand and think it trough. it might open a whole new cosmos for you!


Syaiful :

Okay, we move on to the second session, which is a question from Twitter馃槉

John McCarthy :
lets see who are the lucky winners 馃檪


Syaiful :
Q1.Each project has interesting stories before it is created. So can you tell people about the story that gave you the motivation to build and develop a great project like your?@somuch_for4

John McCarthy :
Every Pioneer comes around a problem or a vision he is trying to solve. We found out that the connections between the real world and the virtual one aren’t really there yet, and with NFT, there is a whole new world of possibilities. A connected Metacosm in a DEFI space, allows everybody to develop and build on this new world, and be part of it

we came around this issue, and the solution at the same time, and decided to start our project.

we know its not easy, but before airplanes were built, nobody believed in humans can be able to fly as well! 馃槈

Syaiful :
Q2.Currently, Covid-19 does slow down many global economies, as a cryptocurrency business, How does it impact to your project? Do you have any plan to overcome it?@ZenDanesto

John McCarthy :
well to be honest, of course we are in a pandemic and crisis situation, and I feel sorry for everybody who has to suffer under this conditions. But for the online world, the internet and online business, this is a boost, a chance to change. A lot of people work from home now, and update their technic, which helps our project to further progress.

This is a chance for crypto, which we can see with the this years hype.

Syaiful :
Q3.Blin metaverse’s vision is to correct the abnormal development of the gaming industry and build a healthier and more reasonable industrial ecology. What problems did you encounter in the classic games industry? What were you doing to fix them?@Caldereouz

John McCarthy :
One problem in the classic gaming industry is for example that you lose the value of your assets, and you cant transfer them to other games. NFT can solve this problem, if there is an underlying value , which will be able to transfer. mostly missing are connections, bridges, between the games and the different plattforms, our metacosm will solve this problem and connect everything together.

Syaiful :
Q4.Being a gaming platform what are the games BlinMetaverse is currently supporting?What type of games are you planning to add in the future?How do you plan to expand to non-crypto users as there are many gamers with zero blockchain knowledge?Also please explain marketing strategies @jelancokbrous

John McCarthy :
we already answered that before , with the cooperation of our partners in the gaming industry. Since we are just about to launch more dapps in the metacosm will follow we connect the virtual and the real world, so also non crypto users will be indirectly profit from the use of crypto marketing is global, we have a global vision and a global community.

Manyof the world’s well-known traditional IP鈥檚 have contacted BLIN through the official website, and asked for strategic cooperation鈥檚, including:
the world’s largest museum, the world’s well-known historical and cultural heritage, the top chain travel companies, audio culture alliances Among the 1000 IP鈥橲, including America’s leading film and television companies, Global Luxury IP,
where-ever a strategic partner is in sight, we will be in communication with them.

as you can see marketing is rolling out immediately!

Syaiful :

Q5.The fact is that Game and NFT鈥檚 are the current new trend in the Crypto world. As BlinMetaverse is a gaming platform competition is fairly high. Whom do you see as your major competitors? And what competitive advantages does BlinMetaverse have over them?@hopeyourhappier

John McCarthy :
yes these are indeed hot topics, but the connections of DEFI and NFT, nobody has done before. We are a unique project, with an unique vision. So I think right now we have the first mover advantage and are out of any competition in sight.

our competitive advantages I stated before!


Question 1

where can I buy Blinmetaverse tokens? I am interested and want to be part of this project

John McCarthy :

The infrastructure is well developed to be ready to go live with BSC and 100% open source.

Question 2

Can you tell us about your team members? are they qualified and professional in their fields? what are the recruiting qualifications for team members for your extraordinary project? thank you….Is your project listed on coingecko and coinmarketcap or not???

John McCarthy :

we are not listed yet, but of course this is in the making right now already. since we are just about to launch! our team works in the cyberspace since many years already

they worked in forbes 500 companies

its a very professional working environment! and we cant wait to see the result of our hard work

well with the right expertise and abilities, I’m sure you can apply for a job.

but we just take the best of the best ;))

Question 3

Are there plans to go multichain with this project, or do you plan to be exclusive to BSC?

John McCarthy :

We start on Binance smart Chain, its easy to built on there and implement a lot of useful features. But we definitely consider more chains, because of the growing potential. Everything which makes the metacosm bigger and more powerful is leading is further our goals to create the metacosm universe.

Question 4

What strategy will you implement to bring non-crypto-natives into your ecosystem?How do you keep a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of your token?

John McCarthy :
I will explain you our token NFT structure

There are three different unique NFT tokens in the Blin-metaverse:

1) Collection properties, casting NFT鈥檚 , similar to digital art.

2) Equity attributes, the traditional Internet casting NFT of each track need to have equity attributes and economic value,those can represent some special rights and interests of Internet enterprises, so that users holding NFT enjoy more benefits, and through DAO governance, we can subvert the traditional Internet audit and distribution mechanisms.
In turn, the community audits the business and can freely manage the enterprise.

3) Using attributes:
Metaverse can be a bridge between virtual and reality worlds, BLIN creatively propose the NFT use of attributes features,

Users can be ahead of time and explore the metacosm, which will lead the world trough the future. Through the use of attributes to explore the community and users in the virtual world is enough to meet all the needs of the real world, which is groundbreaking. BLIN calls it the Metacosm 3.0-Breaking Project.

The above is the role and value of NFT tokens. BLIN is the homogenized token of the metacosm, corresponding to the platform’s own value, as a decentralized community autonomy universe, blinmetaverse was created by developers, but the owners will be the community.
The community are the co-builders in control with the right to decide. At the same time, Blin has the right to govern, can decide the development of the platform and all types of Internet enterprises Cooperation. The dual currency mechanism creates a symbiosis, completely divests the control of the central link, forms the NFT holder’s control over the output right of BLIN, and the holder of BLIN decides the NFT’s upper shelf and the direction of the universe’s development.


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