AMA Cryptoscreen With NFracTion

On 02 July 2021, NFracTion conducted an AMA in the Cryptoscreen Community. Our guest is the Elio Artic of NFracTion.

Lots of questions as usual from the Community about NFracTion progress. The NFracTion team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Cryptoscreen community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into NFracTion.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation.


Syaiful :

Okey, Before I start the first session can you introduce yourself to our community?

Elio Artic :

Hello to everyone in the CryptoScreen community, I would like to thank you all for your attendance. My name is Elio and I’m the CEO of the NFracTion project. My primary background comes from professional sports, I am a master of two martial arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and Muay Thai Kru, which I also actively teach, and I am also bachelor of strength and conditioning. I’ve been heavily involved in sports for about twenty years, I have been involved in numerous successful international projects, but in the past four years I’m extremely enthusiastic about crypto currency’s and crypto market overall.

Alen is the Co – founder behind the project and he is our business development specialist, with more than 10 years of experience in building start up projects.

Syaiful :

Nice background
thank you for the introduction
Your experince will certainly motivate us in the future😊

Elio Artic :

It would be our pleasure.

Syaiful :

Okay, In the first session I will give questions about NFracTion , if you have given an answer please say “Done”

Elio Artic :


Syaiful :

Q1. Can you tell the members a little about NFracTion ?

Elio Artic :

NFracTion is a unique NFT Fractionalizer, that fractionalizes digital arts into puzzle pieces, which provide additional value & fun for collectors and guarantees much higher revenues for creators.
Cross-chain marketplace will be launched on BSC network at first (July 2021), soon after that we are adopting Solana and Polygon networks as well.

The main goal of NFracTion is to create a friendly UI/UX for the marketplace, that is easy to use for any user and to support our unique gamified features – such as NFT Puzzle packs, NFT Raffles, Personalized NFTs etc.

The universe of NFracTion offer to users is endless – from mystery puzzles, unique celebrity series, custom collections for various sports and their representatives, fan based mock – ups, fan art collections, limited edition or personalised NFTs. Mentioned concepts and possibilities are being developed and upgraded steadily to deliver unique and special experience on a long-term to whole NFracTion community.

Syaiful :

Q2. Can you explain how NFracTion and what kind of services it offers to users?

Elio Artic :

Our project was actually meant to be an advanced NFT Marketplace on BSC Network at first, since there was none quality product available at the time. During the process we noticed that there are many similar projects upcoming. For this reason we paused and took some brainstorming session, since we wanted to deliver something unique to the community. By thinking outside of the box the team came up with the concept based on the puzzles and that is where the our “true basics” were born. From that point NFracTion just kept on building and expanding …

Term Fractionalized NFTs actually stands for two main points; one is the concept of multiple ownership and automated revenue sharing – for example artist can dedicate 10% of the revenues to the charity organisations, the other main functionality behind the term is a unique puzzle generator, which basically cuts the NFT art into pieces and it is then sold through random generated packs – similar to NBA top shot. On top of that each completed collection gets rewarded and there are many benefits for users yet to come.

This unique features gives NFTs special Earn & Fun experience while you can do great earnings along with finding rare pieces, and it creates much bigger revenues for the artists then traditional way of selling a one piece art. NFracTion would like capitalise the best from the NFT and traditional market with strong focus into the sector of sport fans and memorabilia.

We like to think that this approach is unique in some manners and we are getting awesome feedbacks from our potential partners, such as major sports organisations. Unfortunately it’s too early in the process to disclose specific names, but we can declare that most connection for now come from MMA, Basketball, Soccer and Racing sports.

Syaiful :

Q3. What products does NFracTion have and in the future, will you add more products?

Elio Artic :

NFracTion will deliver two main products at first: Cross-chain marketplace and fractionalized NFTs with unique gamified features. Both segments are pretty wide and there is much room left for improvements. NFracTion`s team is always seeking for upgrades and new ideas, so there will probably never be “final” product list. Marketplace will basically allow to mint and trade all kinds of NFTs with special focus on user experience as we strive to engage “non-crypto” users into the NFT world too.

Fractionalized NFTs and our unique gamified features is basically our main product and in this sector potential is endless. Main products that will be available after the launch are:
NFT Puzzle Packs (randomly generated puzzle pieces of NFT arts, that can be used to complete collections or win “whole NFT art” and can be tradable on marketplace)
Personalised NFT`s (for now we are focused on Sports fans and personalised jerseys of users favourite teams, but there are many upgrades to come on this feature)
NFT Raffles (high quality NFTs will be offered as a lottery pick, where anyone can buy a slot and when it`s filled we pick a winner/owner with a draw)

Of course we are preparing additional services, such as Staking/farming program, Reward program, Mobile app etc., but you can check that on our channels so I`m not too long with my answer.

Syaiful :

Q4. How do you solve liquidity issues and how to ensure user asset security?

Elio Artic :

We don`t predict any liquidity issues at this point, since our TGE initial circulation is pretty low at just $340k and we will secure funds from the raise. Also our product and strategy is designed to secure immediate revenues right after the launch. If we managed to grow so fast that this should become a problem, we are confident that our partners and new partnerships will take care of, also our team is always prepared and flexible to find proper solutions in every way.

NFracTion`s team is well aware of potential security threats and we are resolving that by keeping “the window” as tight as possible. We can`t lie to each other that we are totally bullet-proof, because nobody is, but we are already in talks with many specialists on this segment. I can say we are doing everything in our power to keep assets secured at any time and involving third-party measures and services when needed.

Syaiful :

Q5. Have you met all your goals in the roadmap till now? And were there any difficulties that you didn’t expect and were not prepared for?

Elio Artic :

I must say I`m very proud of team on that matter, because no matter what happened, we`ve always met all the goals on our roadmap. We`ve just delayed our launch for weeks, but that was mutual decision due to market conditions, because we want to catch “perfect timing” for the best of project and of course our community & backers.

IDO launch is now planned on 3rd week of July and the path is looking great actually. We are currently in the process of presales and our main focus is on community building and other pre-IDO activities.

Future objectives which are planned for Q3 and Q4, such as adopting another networks, second community activities, listings on centralised exchanges and launching the mobile app, are all on track and we don`t see any delays what so ever. Actually we are adding more features and novelties on a weekly basis and hopefully we can take care of many upgrades, that weren`t released publicly yet.


Syaiful :

Okay, we move on to the second session, which is a question from Twitter😊

Q1)..NFractions will going to launch its mobile app this coming 3rd quarter of 2021,so can you give us an overview and what to look forward about this mobile app that you are going to launch? What will be its best features? Can we expect this to both IOS and and Android devices?@WithamQu

Elio Artic :

Thanks for highlighting our Mobile app, because we have some big plans with it. At this moment we are fully focused on other aspects, but we are preparing everything for it accordingly. Serious work on the app in planned in the start of August, till then we are still improving and extending ideas, so we can`t share final details on all features.

Definitely mobile app will be adjusted primarily for creators at first with basic functions of tracking their sales, community activities on their profiles and items, tracking their activity etc. Other users will be allowed to enjoy functions, such as marketplace browsing, collections and ownership tracking, staking overviewing etc. In general mobile app will enable both ends to engage into the community, keep it simple to use and adopt for “non-crypto” users as well.

There are many ideas and suggestions on the table and many of them will be implement too, but we`ll announce those when the time is right.

Syaiful :

Q2)..One of the functionality of NFractions is giving rewards for completing puzzle collections.Can you explain to us what would be the reward we can get if we complete puzzle collections in NFractions?What if we can’t complete the puzzle collections,so we can’t get reward from you?@Friendshipsyou

Elio Artic :

Sure, our special collections wouldn`t be so special if there wasn`t something else than awesome art 😊 We will always reward completition and most active users in that matter, mostly we will offer two choices: buybacks or free tokens, that will be up to user to decide. Each reward will be determined individually, depending on the collection and artist. For this reason we can`t give you general answer what exactly reward will be, but I can assure you it will be worth it. There are also some other reward programs, but we still need to polish those before announcing it publicly.

Yeah, that was actually what we developed an idea from – Earn & have fun while doing that 😊 There were some issues with the model that nobody saw it on the first sight, but came across during the development. I`m very proud of our team as they solved it all perfectly in no time. One of them was of course those pieces that are left without any use. There will be basically 4 options for it, because it could be frustrating for our users and we certainly don`t want that:

a) It can be burned for higher Tier piece
b) It can be traded on Marketplace
c) It can be swapped with other users
d) It there will be problems with it we are establishing some buyback system, but it`s still in the making

We are always happy to get any community suggestions as well and we will be always looking for upgrades in every way possible.

Syaiful :

Q3..Support from the community is one of the biggest aspects of a successful project, so what are your plans to expand and form a solid and strong community?@Srajuambe

Elio Artic :

I couldn`t agree more. Our complete strategy is long-term based on building strong and powerful communities on both ends – artist and collectors. NFracTion is going to offer exceptional support for the artist community, such as superb landing page, friendly mobile app, staking/farming for lower fees and many special features offering rewards. We believe that a strong artists community with a combination of gamified features, special-unique collections and loyalty-rewards will attract collectors/buyers on a long term basis.

Syaiful :

Q4)..Is your project a local project or a global project?
what is the main language of your project? if your primary language is English, what are your plans if your service users cannot speak English?@misjazy

Elio Artic :

NFracTion is definetily globaly oriented, since we are targeting major sports organisations and sports fans community around the globe. Platform`s main language in this manner is of course English, because it is most commonly used in all sectors. But we are already connecting with many regional communities and we would love to support in their native language. We are planning regional TG channels and platform will be multi-lingual, but it`s to early, since we just went public in late June. We need to keep track on our community and we`ll be adding languages accordingly to community growth. No worries, nobody is going to be left out due to language barrier, we want to connect all markets for the desired goal, and that is, to deliver the best customer service possible.

Syaiful :

Q5)..As you know Covid-19 has a large impact in the crypto Market, So How can your company maintain its project and also the team that are working hard during this pandemic?@jangkloq

Elio Artic :

In that matter, COVID 19 was the game changer for us actually, because in normal market, we wouldn’t be here today with NFracTion project. Saying that, we had many traditional market start-ups ongoing and planned for third parties, but everything slowed down over the night and many of them were delay – that was the trigger for our team to finally take time for personal project. After some research we decided to develop one of our idea into the crypto project. After onboarding some advisors with many experience we quickly saw that our team is perfect for the job. This way our core team of 4 people dedicated 100% to NFracTion and today there are 13 people working on the project. We still feel bad about all what is going on around the Covid-19 though and hopefully things will get better soon and wouldn`t leave too much consequences for humanity in general. Let’s stay positive and we can happily say that we are not only achieving road map targets but we are actually exceeding them. We are proud that our team is so flexible and can adapt to any situation on a regular basis.


Question 1

Can I Stake your token now? What’s the process?

Elio Artic :

Not at the moment, but it will be possible. Of course, that is also very important for our token value, meaning our users will benefit by holding/using them. Besides all other utilities we plan to establish staking/farming options. Final model is yet to be determined and part of our team is on it as we speak, since we set a goal to finalize staking plan by the end of next week. We are weighing different options for now, probably we will even offer more options, depending if user is creator or buyer. We are giving it a good thought so it will generate the most for our stakers. I can declare that one of the options will definetily be staking for “Puzzle packs vouchers” on one side and staking for lower fee`s on the other side – for creators/artists.

Question 2

Revenue and adoption are the main points of all projects, can you tell us your Business model and How you generate revenue?

Elio Artic :

Our revenue model is luckily generating funds from the day one of our launch and this way we feel very secure about liquidity. Two obvious and main resources are fees on marketplace trading and other is selling Puzzle packs with randomly generated puzzle pieces. We will also be minting our own NFTs (for example personalized NFTs) which can contribute a lot and many other minor revenue options that aren`t that relevant at this point.

Question 3

Everyone values projects with long-term benefits over short-term benefits. So what does NFracTion do to ensure long-term benefits?

Elio Artic :

We formed an early onboarding strategy with our advisors and incubator, which is seeking for high added value in all of our early investors. We don`t look for sole investors in presale rounds, but we want supportive backers that believe in the project on a long-term and they can provide us help with marketing and development of NFracTion. You can find online form ( for early interests and we basically review each one individually – if we see enough value in it we can confirm higher allocation size and accordingly lower if backer isn`t contributing to the project well. It`s working perfectly thus far and will continue on keeping balance this way for now.

Question 4

What are your tokenomics? What is the circulation supply and any tokens left for team?

What are NFRACTION upcoming plans and goals? Do you have any top priorities for 2021 in roadmap?


Elio Artic :

We are still at the earliest stage of presales, so basically no round is filled yet. We managed to fill around 30% of presale round in those 2 weeks we are active in that matter, which is preety amazing due to market conditions. Even tough there is still much left and we would be happy to welcome new backers onboard. As mentioned in previous answer, we do individual reviews on confirming presale allocations. If someone is interested please feel free to complete online application on or contact our team at any time. Below I`m sharing tokenomics details with all information about it…

Currently we are in the process with the community activities. Next planned in July, we have marketing partnerships to set, NFT Marketplace to launch and also launch of the gamefied puzzle features.

Future objectives which are planned from June to September are cloning to another network, second community activities, listings on centralised exchanges and launching the mobile app.

From September to December we plan strategic partner activity, Crosschain NFT & Auctions, launch the special features and also NFracTion 2.0 release.

For the next year we plan to launch on both networks, Solana and Polygon, and adding more additional networks.

Question 5

Hello sir,


Can you tell us what the name “NFRACTION” means in project function and ecosystem development? What inspired how you came to the project name “NFRACTION”???

Elio Artic :

Now this brings memories. 😄 To be honest we were re-branding the project for 4 or 5 times before setting this one. There was so much to tell and so many different ideas, but at the end we wanted to highlight our main unique feature which is fractionalizing. “N” at the front symbolizes endless ways of further development and on top of that we were able to “hide” NFT in it which triggered so much excitement we couldn`t resist. 💪🏼

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