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Don't get lost in this continuous flow of complex information, thanks to our synthetic daily reports our reviews and articles bring you to a deeper understanding about blockchain


Find new fun and interctive ways to learn more about crypto project and blockchain thanks to our reguler telegram events , with the opportunity to earn big rewards with cryptoscreen


Being in crypto on your own can be overwhelming and risky. exchange with experienced and well connected crypto enthusiasts about news, ideas, strategic invesment and more



Stay up-to-date with the latest crypto headlines. we post curated daily news in an easy to read format. with this news you ccan find out more about cryptocurrency

Article & Overview

We publish high-quality articles on cryptocurrency and in depth review or overview of intrusive project to help you understand the basics of crypto on a deeper level

Ask Me Anything

Meet the founders of innovative crypto project. ask them anything about their project work, from business strategy, tech development, marketing plans, and roadmap

Trading Signals

We provide some great projects that are perfect for investing some of your money, as well as some signal coins that are already listed on the market exchange


We inform our community with some important components and details of a cryptocurrency project, such as whitepapers, smart contracts, and project marketing


provides several services to project parties who want to use our services such as Marketing Management, Business Development, and Community Manager

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Cryptocurrency community was founded in Indonesia by Rahmat Dakenzo, we aim to introduce crypto & blockchain to the whole world, especially to people who are not familiar with crypto.

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